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How to Grow on Twitter Without Wasting Time
How to Grow on Twitter Without Wasting Time
You want to grow your brand on Twitter. For a long time, Twitter was an enigma to me. I was pouring a lot of time into it and seeing no results. In my experience of managing other brands, I've helped to grow them at a steady pace with very minimal time. That's the point of this post. It won't help you blow up on Twitter overnight, but it will help you grow steadily without investing a ton time. Because you have a million more important things to do.
Spending Vs Investing: How the Difference Impacts the Future of Your Business
Spending Vs Investing: How the Difference Impacts the Future of Your Business
Every day you participate in activities that affect your business. Some tasks are more important than others, but they all help you move your business forward. Or so you think. Have you ever thought of the time, money and energy you put into your business as an expense versus an investment? I bet the majority of what you're doing is spending, when you really should be putting a lot more time into investing. What's the difference?
How to Write Emails That Get Responses
How to Write Emails That Get Responses
Are you tired of emailing people and not getting responses? You need to move forward with a decision or need critical feedback, you ask them to reply, but most of the time it seems like they just ignore you. Sometimes they haven't even looked over the email. Yes, it is their fault for not responding, but there are some things you can adjust in your email writing style to elicit more responses from people.


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Guidelines International Ministries
Guidelines International Ministries
"The site that Steven developed for us has breathed new life into our 52 year old ministry! It’s everything we wanted and more—visually beautiful and technically flawless. Steven was responsive, gracious and provided us with excellent guidance."
Barnett & Rubin
Barnett & Rubin
"Steven's skill and patience in guiding us through the drafting of a new website was invaluable. Frankly, had he not been there I question that we would have completed the task and made the transition."
Putnam Mountain Observatory
Putnam Mountain Observatory
Putnam Mountain Observatory is a self-constructed observatory that does amateur astrophotography and research. Kent, the owner, needed a site that was aesthetically pleasing but could also display all the data collected from his instruments.



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